Angry anyone?

Turns out, anger is a good sign…it’s a sign of life, that is.  It’s a passionate response to something.  Not the daytime drama type if thing, but an actual emotional response.

I’ve been hanging out in the Tapping Insiders Club again,  listening to a few Ask the Expert interviews.  I listened to Margaret Lynch, Rick Wilkes and Steve Wells, and all had much in common.

So often anger is thought of as something ugly, something to suppress.  It’s unseemly, messy and potential hurtful.  But at least it means emotions are flowing.

Numb is suppression.  Depression is (ha ha) suppression.  The amount of energy it takes to hold down emotion is staggering.  No wonder depression is exhausting.

But let the anger out and watch that energy flow!  Have you ever noticed how hard it is to sit down and be angry? Very hard…nearly impossible.  The juices are flowing and you’re ready to go!

But what to do with it?  Deep down – maybe REALLY deep down – we really don’t want to hurt anyone, ourselves included.  It’s a shame to regret what we’ve said or done.  Just makes us feel worse later.

How about this?  Acknowledge it.   Accept it.  Tap, tap, tap…rant, rant, rant and HONOR the feeling.

Really, isn’t it a big part of you that is shouting about IT being unfair?  Isn’t suppressing it really telling part of yourself to shut up?

When you hear it, FEEL it and accept it…you are heard.  You are acknowledged.  The storm can pass and then you can look at what it was that set you off, without the rage blinding you. EFT Tapping will allow you to weather the angry storm.

Be angry.  Tap.  Accept.

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